Monday, January 7, 2019

Day 1: Habari za asubuhi! (Good Morning from Tanzania!)

Good morning, and hello! After over an entire day of travel and 17 hours with minimal leg room, we are all very glad to say that we made it to Tanzania! With the exception of two bags (that we should have tomorrow) everyone made it to the Wistas Inn for our first night of much needed sleep in Tanzania.

The flight from Minneapolis to Amsterdam was mostly uneventful. Kyle is undefeated in plane tic tac toe, and everyone can agree that they could go without airplane food for the next few years.

In Amsterdam, after letting out a great big “oof da” from sitting so long, we made the most of our time playing some cribbage and card games and swapping movie recommendations for the next leg of the flight. Some light stretching helped loosen the legs before another eight-hour flight to Kilimanjaro.

A quick stop in Kilimanjaro, where nothing but one bag was allowed to leave the plane, and we were on our final flight to Dar Es Salaam.

From there it was relatively smooth sailing to the hotel. It only took about five minutes before the first “bless the rains” joke was made, at which point the rains decided to bless us with their presence. With that, we’re ready for a fun and exciting 16 days here in Africa!

Joey H.