Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Day 4: Sunshine and the road to Galway

Our first sunny day in Ireland today! We drove along a scenic route from Dublin to Galway and saw lots of sheep and cows along the way.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Day 4: Munich departure and arrival in Switzerland

Today was our last day in Munich before heading out to Winterthur, Switzerland. We had the morning free to do as we liked before packing up our belongings.

Day 3: Touring Munich on our first full day

Saturday, May 18, was our first full day in Munich. The day started with a delicious German breakfast of bread, sliced meat, cheese, and some fruit. After breakfast, we were free to spend the day as we wished.

Day 2: Beware of the monkeys!

Our second day in India felt a lot calmer. Everyone was much less jet lagged, and even though we had an early start, everyone was ready to go.

Day 2: Munich arrival and dinner

Much of the day consisted of getting ourselves from the airport to the Carlton Astoria, our hotel near downtown Munich. Besides the loss of one bag, travel and check-in went according to plan.

Day 3: Our last full day in Dublin

To begin our last full day in Dublin, a group of students attended Sunday mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, a medical church established A.D. 1191.

Day 2: Touring Dublin

Today, we had the privilege of receiving a historical tour of Dublin from Dr. McNamara, where we were able to see the Jameson Distillery, Phoenix Park, the Papal across, and even the grounds of the American Embassy in Dublin.