Friday, January 12, 2018

Days 12-14: Safari (long journey)

We spent the past three days all together in Ruaha National Park on safari. We saw so many amazing animals!
The last three days were spent in Ruaha National Park, where we saw many different animals.

With our safari guides

On the drive into the park we came across the first of what would be many elephants encountered during the safari.

The giraffe was a crowd favorite, and we saw them every day of the safari.

Impalas were absolutely everywhere.

After our time apart in the villages, the safari really brought the group together. We had time to  mingle with team members that went to other villages. My impression is that as a group, the safari highlighted just how lucky we all are to have had the opportunity to come to Tanzania to learn and grow as students, team members, and engineers.

The animal viewing highlights for most of us were the leopards and lions that were seen on the first and second day. We were all quite lucky to be able to see these creatures from as little as 7 meters away.

I’ll speak for myself, and I assume that other students feel the same. This has been an amazing journey of mind, body, and soul for all of us. We would like to thank Paul, Cathy, Ken, Ethan, Dorothy, and the University of Minnesota for this amazing opportunity.