Saturday, January 13, 2018

Day 13: More time at ULSA and a tour of the Cathedral of Leon

Today, we continued our tour of ULSA, with time spent working on our projects in their workshop.
Today was our second day at the Universidad Tecnológica La Salle (ULSA), beginning with a tour of their biogas (biofuels that are naturally produced from the decomposition of organic waste) and biodiesel systems. Their biogas are made from donated manure and used as cooking gas, and their biodiesel is made from used cooking oil, purchased from local restaurants. The biodiesel is used to power a unique invention that keeps milk cool on farms with no access to electricity.

Learning how they store biodiesel


The second part of our day at ULSA consisted of working on our projects in their workshop. We had much success with our tabletop gasifier and color anemometer, used to measure wind speed.

Making a game plan

 Finally, we returned to León and got to tour the Cathedral in the center of town.

Our group at the top of the Cathedral of Leon