Monday, January 8, 2018

Day 10: Wanafunzi wa Uhandisi (Students of Engineering)

After a little down time and a tour of the local radio station, we were back to work analyzing our data, but still had a little time for some Elvis songs.
After an evening of recovering from our time in the villages and reaquainting ourselves with indoor plumbing, we took some time today to tour the Iringa headquarters of Bega Kwa Bega and St. Paul Partners, located on the campus of the Lutheran Diocese. We got to hear from some of the figures in charge and tour the local Christian radio station.

After returning to the Lutheran Centre, our home base, we split back into our individual groups and began to analyze the data we collected.

While we did not yet find exact values, we put together overarching plans to present in front of the group and Associate Dean Paul Strykowski, who connected with us over Facetime from the frigid, cold northern hemisphere. Our experienced instructors gave us feedback to save us from wasting time on overly-optimistic designs while still improving on systems like the one pictured below.

After wrapping up and taking a short respite, we hopped on the coaster (bus) and headed to a restaurant called Sunset Hotel Restaurant where we witnessed a beautiful sunset (behind ominous clouds) as we gazed over the city of Iringa and enjoyed ukulele music.

Before leaving, the group sang some Elvis and Disney around a campfire with Ken singing lead bass.


  1. Enjoying living vicariously through all of you! Still cold here, BTW.

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