Sunday, January 7, 2018

Day 11: More Leon tourism and a new adventure—volcano boarding!

A little more exploring, shopping and a brief history lesson in Leon in the morning, followed by sledding down a volcano in the afternoon.
Our morning was spent in Leon town center, exploring the shops and carts that line the streets. We got to buy some souvenirs to bring back to our friends and family (and some for ourselves). We were also able to see the remnants from the parade yesterday evening commemorating the relocation of Leon Viejo to its current location of Leon following the eruption of Mount Mombotombo in 1610 .

Our afternoon was highlighted by the adventure of volcano boarding. We took a 40-minute hike up the side of Cerro Negro volcano with our boards on our backs and, after a quick lesson, sledded down the steep, ashy side of the mountain. Covered in ash, but unscathed from our descent and pulsating with leftover adrenaline, we headed back to the hostel for some well deserved showers.