Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 12: Xi'an Jiao Tong University

Three graduate students presented their research projects.
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One of the graduate students in the video coding group showed us their video compression project

Four Chinese great inventions
XJTU housed the four Chinese great inventions sculptures, here they are:
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Gun powder

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Printing press

They toured us around their facilities, and here's us at one of their gardens

Our hosts also treated us lunch in their student cafeteria to experience their student life. Their cafeteria was very similar to our Coffman Memorial Union.

In the afternoon
Several of us rode bikes atop the Xi'an City Wall. We biked the 8-mile long city wall for about an hour; which is a pretty good time record considering the bumpy rugged road and the single-speed rental bikes we used. They say that the fastest record was 45 minutes of bike ride around the wall.

After that, the same group of people walked all the way to Xi'an's famous Musical Water Fountain unfortunately we all were tired and decided to grab some dinner, so we missed the last showing.


On our way back home, we hailed a bigger taxi. All nine of us squeezed in to this cab shown below.
We had a bonding moment during that ride back to the hotel since we were all crammed into this mini van. It was quite an experience!

We didn't know where the exit was

Xi'an is hosting the Horticulture Expo this year next to Megan and Emma is the official mascot

Instant celebrities :)

Crammed in the mini van