Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 11-12

Oh boy, so I have a lot to fill you in on. Yesterday, on day 11, our group went and saw the terracotta army. They were built for the dead emperor to assist him in the afterlife, but they were attacked during a rebellion and were destroyed. Since their discovery by a farmer in the 1970's they have been under the process of being restored. So far three pits have been uncovered. The first is the largest and has 1000 warriors in it. The only downside to the trip was the heat, but it was definitely worth it.
Day 11-12 014.JPG

Today, day 12, we visited Xian JiaoTang University. There, we learned about their research on interconnection networking on computer chips, energy-constraint signal/image/video coding,and object extraction. I found the object extraction to be very interesting. They take, lets say, a picture of a horse and take the horse out of the picture automatically. After learning about their research, we had lunch at the University and toured the campus after which we returned to the hotel.
Day 11-12 092.JPG
Travis having fun with one of the statues at the University