Monday, January 2, 2023

Day 4: Tuliifunza Kiswahili, ningumo!

Tuliifunza Kiswahili, ningumo! Today we had a crash course in Swahili, visited the basket-making shop, and had a lecture on Tanzanian water system best design practices from a local engineer.

Tuliifunza Kiswahili, ningumo! 

We woke up bright and early and most of us had Spanish omelets and fruit. Then we headed over to Ken's for a two-hour Swahili crash course lesson with a local instructor. Some of us caught on faster than others @Aidanne. Although, if we had three more days with the instructor, we would all be fluent. :-) 

After that, we headed over to Neema's CafĂ© for lunch. They are a local nonprofit that employs deaf and disabled Tanzanians. 

Once we finished eating, we had a bit of free time to explore the local market. A big hit was the local fair-trade basket-making shop in the Iringa museum. Our professors then dragged us back to class for a two-hour lecture on Tanzanian water system best design practices from a local engineer. As one of our dads always says, "Learn three things." 

The three of the many things we learned today are: 

  1. Swahili is more similar to Spanish than you would expect. 
  2. Lucy wears a size 4 toe ring. 
  3. A progressive tax system reduces water consumption. 

Once our noggins were full of useful information, we decided to go practice our bartering + back to the market! Lots of deals were made, some art, swords, and carvings were among the many purchases. Some stopped at the fruit market and bought the group fresh fruit for the morning (don't worry, we're eating healthy!) 

The last thing left to fill was our stomachs, so we headed to Saivilla for dinner. We did a family style dinner and headed back down to the Lutheran center for bed. 

Until tomorrow! 

—Blog post by Claire & Sydney