Sunday, January 1, 2023

Day 3: Happy New Year from Tanzania!

Happy New Year's from Tanzania! A highlight today was our first fluid dynamics lesson and a basic overview of the systems we will be working on.

Happy New Year's from Tanzania! We finally got to sleep in a bit, and we ate breakfast at the Lutheran Center. We had choices of Spanish omelets and regular omelets for food, and avocado mango juice, coffee, or tea for drinks. 

The next part of the day we were able to split up and do two different activities. A handful of us were able to attend a church service, it ended up being a little longer than anticipated but was a really cool experience. The other half of our group were able to visit the local market and bought (and bargained a lot) for many trinkets. 

We ate at Hasty & Tasty for lunch in two different groups and eventually regrouped at the Lutheran Center. 

We then headed over to Ken's apartment for our first fluid dynamics lesson and got a basic overview of the systems we will be working on. We derived three equations that will be quite useful in the village. Matt wasn't able to finish the lesson on time, and we have HOMEWORK on this trip. We did a lot of new problem solving and working in our groups. 

We journeyed up to the Sunset Hotel for a gorgeous view before dinner. We had some Tangawizi-a local ginger soda pop, and a fabulous buffet for dinner. There was some cauliflower curry, kabobs, fried rice, pineapple and watermelon, and a small cake! We then came back to the Lutheran Center for some chill group time before bed! 

It was a great day and we are so excited for the adventures tomorrow! An important note, there are a few students that have absolutely no wifi, and the ones that get wifi do not get very good connection for very long. We wanted all the family and friends to know that we are alive and to keep checking the blog to see what we are up to! 

—Blog post by Mia and Braedon