Sunday, June 3, 2018

Saying "ciao" to Italy

Our final day of the trip consisted of us getting up way too early and riding over to Rome's da Vinci airport.
Our final day of the trip consisted of us getting up way too early and riding over to Rome's da Vinci airport.

Before departing, however, we did see a familiar face in the form of Pepper, the service robot. It was remarkable to see a piece of technology we had seen at our site visits in public, ready to interact with random users. 

The flight to Chicago was delayed a couple of hours, which forced us onto a later connecting flight when we did finally get back to the states, but at least we were able to ride some authentic Italian airport "people movers."

Although not as exciting as most days, it was still a pleasure to be in the company of this group for one final travel day!

-Samuel B.


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