Saturday, June 2, 2018

All's well that ends well

Day 18- the last day of my internship and everything beautiful in the past few days has almost come to an end.
Day 18- the last day of my internship and everything beautiful in the past few days has almost come to an end. We started off our day giving some final touches to our grand challenges presentations as we had to present our final project.

We went on to have a mock presentation that helped us tune in our challenges a little more than what it was. This was followed by a tea break at 10:30 a.m., which all of us loved the most as we get to talk a little more than usual and laugh one's head off.

Lunch was served around 12:30 p.m. Most of us ate as quickly as we could in comparison to any other day as we were a little tense and nervous about our presentations.

And then the boom! The clock struck 2 p.m. All three teams were pumped up for their final presentations at the Indian Social Institute (ISI) on a rainy afternoon in Bengaluru. The three teams that focused on the Grand Challenge Project's were:
  1. W2E Alliance: focused on bio-digesters and garbage segregation of single location, small restaurants in the city;
  2. malÉ (Rain): focused on rainwater harvesting; 
  3. HyGenesis: focused on creating hygienic water storage solutions.

The teams were pumped to showcase each of their respective projects to our well-wishers. We had people from various sustainable development sectors join us for our final presentations. It was a rich learning experience for every team and everyone did their best.

This was followed by distribution of goodie bags to our friends and facilitators as we formally bid goodbye.

Our day ended by celebrating the last one night in Bengaluru with our fellow American friends in Indigo XP swaying to some amazing Hindi and English songs. I wished they could have stayed longer in Bengaluru!

-Evelyn K.


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