Thursday, January 4, 2018

Day 8: A hydroelectric workshop, a nature reserve, and cooling off in a waterfall

Visits to a hydroelectric workshop and a nature reserve helped us understand the community's plans for sustainability, restoration of Nicaragua's forests, and ways to use water for energy. Later, we hiked to the reserve's waterfall.
Today we visited a hydroelectric workshop dedicated to Benjamin Linder, an engineer who had a vision to build a hydroelectric plant in Nicaragua, but his work was cut short. We saw how the turbines and filters were custom made to fit their hydroelectric plant, and got a better understanding of their community outreach and plans for sustainability.

Observing hydroelectric plan turbines and engine.

We also visited a nature reserve where their mission statement is to restore the forests of Nicaragua, improve kitchen environments, use water for energy, and implement organic foods. They work intimately with universities in Nicaragua, and build partnerships with universities in the United States, as well. Later, we had the opportunity to hike up to the waterfall on the reserve.

Our group at the waterfall after long, 30-minute hike.