Thursday, January 4, 2018

Day 7: Hydroelectric Energy of Nicaragua

Today brought a beautiful early-morning hike up the El Cerro La Cruz, a visit to hydroelectric power plants, and a coffee production tour!
Today we decided to wake up extra early before breakfast to go hike up the El Cerro La Cruz. It was about a 30-minute hike that consisted of about 1,000 steps. From the top, we got to see the town of Jinotega, which was beautiful.

Here are the hikers at the top of El Cerro La Cruz.

After breakfast, we traveled to the Central America hydroelectric power plant and La Reynaga Hydroelectric Power. We got to apply our knowledge of circuits to analyze the diagrams in their control room. Our whole trip consisted of visiting Lake Apanas, from which water is being converted into hydroelectric energy, two of the filtration systems, and their power plants.

These students were discussing the design of the hydroelectric plant.

Later we met up with a local coffee producer to discuss the production of coffee, future implications,  and innovative technologies to benefit coffee production. We got to understand what makes coffee taste so rich and had a chance to see the beans itself being roasted and ground. From here, many of us got to buy some of their organic coffee beans.

Our group on the coffee production tour.

Number of the day: 900 Gigawatts—the power generation capacity of the U.S.