Monday, May 29, 2017

University of Southern Denmark and the first night in Copenhagen

After an early rise, we set out for Copenhagen with a few stops along the way, including a Viking church, the city of Odense, a University of Southern Denmark lab, and a Viking fortress.
After an early rise, we set out for Copenhagen with a few stops along the way. Our first stop was an old Viking church where special slabs of stone are stored that hold the runes describing Denmark's crossover to Christianity and the start of their own country.

From there we continued through Denmark until we reached the city of Odense where we stopped for a quick lunch and took some time to explore the cute little Danish city.

After our lunch break, we headed towards the University of Southern Denmark where we learned about the innovations and progress being made to improve batteries on a large scale for storing Denmark's immense amounts of wind power and on a smaller scale in our electronics.

Our last stop on our journey to Copenhagen was to visit the location of an old Viking fortress to get a better understanding of how they lived, what their ships looked like, and how they blocked and fought their enemies.

After a long day, we checked into our hostel and spent the rest of the night exploring Copenhagen.

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