Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Dia de las Madres

Mother's Day in Nicaragua is quite different from Mother's Day in the U.S.—it's a full-day celebration with music, dancing, singing, cakes, games, and more.

The day started with loud booming noises near our house which turned out to be fireworks and music being blasted in the streets starting at 5 a.m. It was May 30, Mother's Day here in Nicaragua! It's not your typical Mother's Day consisting of a short brunch with your immediate family and a couple cards or gifts being given to the moms like it is in the United States.

Here in Nicaragua, it's a full-day celebration with music, dancing, singing, cakes, games, and more from early morning into the middle of the night. Walking along the streets and seeing/hearing party after party going on inside or outside of the homes really showed how important this holiday was to the people here. Children had a day off from school and my host parents didn't have work. It was a day consisting solely of celebrating the people who bring us into this world.

To show our appreciation of our host mothers and their willingness to bring complete strangers (like us) into their homes with so much welcome and kindness, we helped EOS set up our own Mother's Day celebration here at the office. EOS had previously called the host moms telling them it was a mandatory meeting and we surprised them with decorations, musical chairs, cake, gifts and some live singing! Bringing all of our host mothers and other family together was a great experience and you could see on their faces that they truly enjoyed and appreciated our effort. ¡Feliz dia de las Madres!