Thursday, June 2, 2016

Outside the city: Day 2

Today we visited BR gunda village, and on the way there we stopped at Samuha micro lending office.
Today we visited BR gunda village, and on the way there we stopped at Samuha micro lending office. This is a self-help group that does work in about 30 different villages. They concentrate on helping women in the community which also serves as a way to empower women. Women have direct links to the bank for loans distributed in cash. There were four credit officers who manage loans for different groups. There are no limits for a savings account to get a loan. We learned that group loans are used as follows: 60% for agriculture, 35% for business and management, and 5% for personal uses. Bank loans are better than local lenders because the interest rates are significantly lower by almost half and are compounded monthly.

As we were leaving the office, the credit officers served us tea and biscuits. Then, it started pouring rain which was amazing since the weather has been insanely hot the past few days. Afterwards, we made it to the village and visited a government school where the teachers were on strike. We spent time with all the school children and played various games and taught them short songs and dances. We also planted some trees around the school courtyard. It was really fun and the kids were excited to have us there.

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