Monday, June 1, 2015

Drikkevann (drinking water)

Today we focused on drinking water, or "drikkevann." We visited a drinking water treatment plant and analyzed some water samples in the lab.
Today we focused on drinking water ("drikkevann" in Norwegian). We followed the journey of Trondheim's water from source to tap throughout the day.

The watershed for Trondheim's water is a large lake called Jonsvatnet. We visited the station where the water is pumped from the lake, as well as the actual drinking water plant.


At the plant we took water samples, which we then brought back to the lab with us. We ran lab tests that included turbidity, pH, color, chlorine concentration, and total organic carbon. We then prepared plates to measure bacterial growth from the water samples, which we will count later this week. The plates will be measuring both heterotrophic bacteria and fecal coliform bacteria.