Saturday, May 30, 2015

Roros and Svartlamodagen

Most of the group took a day trip to Roros, a small town three hours from Trondheim. The three of us who stayed behind visited Svartlamodagen, a street fair in the hippie part of town. A good time was had by all!
This morning most of the group left to take the train to Roros, a small town about three hours away from Trondheim.

Only Kayla, Sarah, and myself (Tamara) stayed back in Trondheim. We went to Svartlamodagen, a street fair in the "alternative" part of town called Svartlamon.

Most businesses had their doors open and were giving away free food, playing live music, showing films, and giving lectures on various topics.

A pretty good flea market was set up, with a sheep petting zoo nearby. We went with a Norwegian friend we have met here, Morten.

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