Saturday, May 30, 2015

A peek into resources for the tribal population

With the assistance of the Swami Vivekananda Youth Mission (SVYM), we had the opportunity to explore the tribal school and hospitals set up near the living areas of the tribal communities, and we learned more about the mission and the facilities present there.
We had an early start to the day, which began with the Swami Vivekananda Youth Mission (SVYM) officials giving us a brief history of the founding of the mission, its progress, and the success it has had so far.

We then set out on a scenic ride to explore and learn more about the tribal school and hospital that were set up by SVYM.


We first visited the tribal school. It was right in the heart of nature with small, open buildings.

The medium of instruction is Kannada. The school is for children in grades 1-10 and has about 300 students currently enrolled, with a drop out rate of 3-5 percent.

The school was equipped with the all the necessary infrastructure that would be present in a general school. We also saw that the students at the school were great at art. The school sells the students' artwork for nominal prices.

We then visited the first hospital in the area. The hospital is unique in the sense that it provides care to the tribal population at a very cheap price, which would not be provided by any other hospital.

It also strikes the right balance between ayurvedic and allopathic medicine. We were told that doctors practicing both type of medicine sit in the same room while consulting the patient and give the most appropriate therapy.

It was a great experience to learn the challenges the doctors and teachers have to face while dealing with the tribal and rural communities. Everyone appreciates the efforts put in by them to make this mission a success.