Thursday, May 28, 2015

Gran Titration lab and bonfire

Day 3 at Sletvik. We took more lake samples, performed a Gran Titration to test for alkalinity, and had a lovely group bonfire at the end of the night to roast hot dogs and spend some time with professors Stein, Bill, and Tim before they leave us tomorrow.
Day 3 at Sletvik.

We split into two groups again. Group 1 took lake samples and Group 2 performed a Gran Titration test for alkalinity in the lab.

We were delighted to find than our values for alkalinity today are similar to the values that we tested for yesterday.

In the afternoon we had lecture with Bill and Tim, discussing more water quality topics related to lakes and rivers.

Tonight we held another group bonfire, where we got to spend some time with professors Stein, Bill, and Tim before they leave our group tomorrow.

Fun fact about Norway! Although we dry most of our clothes in the drying machine, there also seems to be a lot of drying rooms here. These rooms are basically very small saunas where you can put clothes, boots, towels, etc. I personally noticed that these rooms dried clothes faster than the machines at times, and it doesn't shrink your clothes!


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