Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Back to work

After traveling all over Switzerland, we made our way back to ZHAW to continue working on our robots and prepare for the upcoming competition.
Our Swiss sightseeing slowed down, and we were back in the classroom designing and programming our robots in preparation for the "Robot Games."

At this time, we broke up into six groups that will compete against each other in the competition. We all worked feverishly and collaborated to create a functioning robot.



Each team strategized for the competition and created its robot to complement the team's strategy.

The robot had to be able to drive forward, make turns, and pick up balls. The challenge was making the software and hardware work asynchronously to be able to do these tasks accurately.

robot strategy.JPG


In the evenings after class, we had time to uncover new facets of Winterthur.

One thing we discovered was Winterthur's weekly farmer's market. It is located up and down the entirety of the main street. Vendors sell blooming flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables, and even mushrooms.




We also hiked the trails surrounding the town and stumbled upon an old metal watchtower. We climbed up to witness impeccable views of the forest and of Winterthur.





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  3. What a great experience! Looks much like our business student life.

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