Friday, May 29, 2015

Goodbye Sletvik! Goodbye Bill, Tim and Stein!

Today we made our way back to Trondheim today from the field station. We left a poster at the station with all of our names signed on it, and we said goodbye to our instructors Bill, Tim, and Stein.
Today was Day 4 at Sletvik Field Station. We had a short lecture in the morning, with time to work on our lab write-ups after that.

It began raining immediately after lunch, which is when we decided to take the group picture. We joked that it was only fitting that we took the picture in the rain, considering that it only seems to rain in Norway during the times that our group has important things to do outside.

In the student common room at Sletvik, there is a place where previous student groups have made posters of their time at the station. We made a giant "M" for Minnesota, and we all signed it so we could contribute to the wall.

We then made our way back to Trondheim. Tonight and tomorrow we will be staying at the P Hotel in Trondheim, as the hostel is full.

Once we had settled in, we all explored Trondheim together as a group and took a look at some of the cool Norwegian merchandise at the visitor's center.