Sunday, May 25, 2014

A weekend in Copenhagen

After we arrived in Copenhagen from Iceland, we had the whole weekend free to explore one of the largest cities in Scandinavia.
Everyone did something different during our weekend free from classes, but we all had a great time exploring Copenhagen.

When we arrived in Copenhagen, we checked in at our hostel, The Generator, and set out to find dinner. Our hostel is right in the heart of Copenhagen. After dinner, we settled into our hostel and made plans for our weekend.

On Saturday morning, different groups set out to explore Copenhagen and even took a day trip to Sweden!

Some of us visited the old royal castle and the garden around it. We then went to the current residence of the royal family, watched the changing of the guards, and even managed to get a picture with them.

Other students took a day trip to Malmo, Sweden, where they had the chance to experience another Scandinavian country.


On Sunday, we all met up as a group in the morning to take a canal tour through Copenhagen. This was a really great way to learn about the Danish history and colorful architecture of Copenhagen. After that we all split up once again to explore the city.