Sunday, May 25, 2014

A slice of Scotland

Today we packed our bags once again and headed for Coorg - or, as many Indians call it, the "Scotland of India."
Today we packed our bags once again, turned our backs to Mysore and headed for Coorg - or, as many Indians call it, the "Scotland of India."

At first, as we drove through the arid regions of rural Karnataka, it was hard to imagine a place that could live up to the lush, rolling hills of Scotland. But as our bus began its climb into the hills, the scenery through the windows quickly changed from arid desert to lush, green, tropical jungle.

The fields of banana plants and coconut groves were left behind to be replaced with mammoth trees and greenery, all sporting a wide variety of fruits and flowers.


After reaching our hotel and taking another stab at various unknown spicy dishes for lunch, we were greeted by a local guide and headed of to climb the highest peak in Coorg.

The climb was amazing, climbing through a coffee plantation and along the remnants of old temple road. Even the flies, mosquitos, and earth leeches couldn't bring our spirits down. After a week of living within the noises and smells of the city of Bangalore, the steady thrum of crickets, croak of frogs, and fresh breeze felt like a balm on the senses.


Upon reaching the summit and de-leeching Gareth, who seemed to have a special attraction to the earth leaches, we gazed out at scenery that indeed looked like a little slice of Scotland had landed in India.


Again India has shown a different side of herself. The more we travel, the more I am coming to realize the true vastness that is India. It is a country that has so many different sides, it would take a lifetime to see them all.