Saturday, May 21, 2011

The perfect way to spend a Saturday in München

After a relaxing night in the Hotel Carlton we had a few hours in the morning to explore the city in small groups.


This is the Glockenspiel, a popular tourist attraction in München.
With our 4 hours or so, some of us went out shopping, others went to the BMW museum and the Olympia Park, and others took bikes out and saw as much of the city as they could.


Here's Andy and Jeremiah enjoying their time in München on a tandem bike, with the combination of the bright green track suit and tandem bike, they were a big hit with the locals. Another great part of the city is the Eisbach, which is a man-made wave designed for surfing.


Münich was founded in the 12th Century and has a rich history of arts, literature, cars and also beer. Also München hosted the 1972 Olympic Games, and the stadium is still in good condition, sehr toll! Photo credit to Allie.


After the day in the city, we loaded back up onto the bus and headed back to Winterthur, but instead of taking the roads the whole way we took the ferry across the lake from Friedrichshafen in Deutschland to Switzerland. The weather was perfect for a trip across the lake and we all lined up for our first group photo shot, photo credit to Armin.


Also, Erik seemed to enjoy the ride on the ferry quite a lot.