Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 7: First Day in Harbin

Sunday Lazy Day.

We didn't really have plans for today. So everyone just went their own way exploring the city.

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The concierge of our hotel
Sunday lazy day.

In the morning most of us went to the pool in our hotel and just relaxed.

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Chillin' at the hotel pool :)

After that most of us went out to eat lunch at a local fastfood restaurant. Most of the people in Harbin don't speak english so we pointed to pictures of the food we wanted to get.

Waiting for our order at a Chinese fast food place

In the afternoon, others went on touring the city. Since Harbin is in the northmost province: Hei Long Jiang province, it is very close to Russia. In the city's structures alone, one will see its Russian influence.

"The Dragon Tower was built in 2000 and is 336 meters high, making it the 22nd highest building in the world and 7th highest in Asia. Its many functions include broadcasting, sightseeing and environmental monitoring." --Sofitel map

The Harbin skyline

While others went on the mall and super market near our hotel.

At night, some went and got dinner from McDonald's while others just stayed and had room service for dinner.