Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 15: Fudan University

We visited both campuses of Fudan University during the day.

Network systems setup at one of Fudan University's research labs
This morning we got up bright and early to go to Fudan University. Professor Xiang Li, the head of the electrical engineering department greeted us and gave us each a gift bag which we very much appreciated. Included in the gift bag was a map of there university.


Forgive this picture that wasn't able to include Maitha and Zeff in the photo
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Like the U, Fudan University has multiple campuses. One is even across the river like the West bank and East bank. However, more than the river seperates the two campuses. We were told that it could take an hour to get between the two. In the morning we were at the west campus where we heard about several different research projects. The first was about how infections spread throughout a population (they're big into Biomedical Engineering). The next presentation was on mode separation techniques in ultrasound lamb waves analysis. The third dealt with electromagnetic waves.

Listening to Dr. Zhu's presentation on their CS department and wireless communications program

We then went to another part of the campus to hear about the communications department where Dr. Mike Yu Zhu gave us an introduction to their wireless communication lab. He also showed a great video that clearly demonstrates what cognitive radio means.

According to Nokia, "cognitive radios are aware of their surroundings and bandwidth availability and are able to dynamically tune the spectrum usage based on location, nearby radios, time of day and other factors. This provides for a more efficient use of the spectrum as well as reducing power consumption, and enabling high priority communications to take precedence if needed."

Nokia Cognitive Radio

After we were done with touring their West Campus, Fudan University treated us to lunch where we got to try southern chinese food. After our bellies were full, we got on the bus and went to the other campus where we got to learn about the computer science labs. The building seemed very modern and open with a lot greenery.

The group in front of one of their research labs


After we were done for the day we all got back to the hotel and explored the city once more. Some of us went to a "knockoff" market and received good deals and vendor's business cards.

Learn Chinese with Us
Rice - Mǐfàn (米饭)
Pǔ - River (浦)
West of the river - Pǔxi (浦西)
East of the river - Pǔdōng (浦东)

Tomorrow we visit two companies--TechImport and IBM.