Saturday, June 5, 2010

Steak is French

Friday, June 4

A farewell dinner at Au General LaFayette Restaurant followed Friday's technical visit at the University of Pierre and Marie Curie.
Friday, June 4

Professor Sobelman and I had a disagreement about whether steak is better in France or the United States. Personally, I have been avoiding steak in Paris because I have always thought of good steak as being quintessentially American. When I found out that we would be having steak at our "farewell Paris" dinner, I brought up my opinion at the dinner table. But the professor replied frankly, "Steak is French." Maggie the mediator cut the argument short by saying that steak in France is simply less seasoned. What do you think?


Farewell Dinner at Au General LaFayette Restaurant


First Course

Second Course: Steak and fries

Third Course: Crème brûlée

During the dinner, the group leaders, professor Sobelman, and Adam Pagel each gave a speech.

A heartfelt speech from group leader Michelle Ferkul

A soul-warming speech from group leader Jon "Fearless Leader" Helander