Thursday, May 27, 2010

Florence: The most artistic city in Italy

Stepping into History...
First of all I would like to attempt to upload some pics from the last day in Rome and our time in Cinque Terre and Pisa which I am sure you all are anxious about. Aqueducts.JPG
Our days in Cinque Terre were filled with hiking, excellent food and relaxation. En route to Florence we stopped at Pisa where we received a very informative lecture about the history of architecture and the thought process that went into all of the famous ancient structures we know today. Today is our last day in Florence. Yesterday we saw epic works of art like Michaelangelo's David and the Trinity bridge and got some great shopping in as well. Today we had lectures on the failure mechanisms of Brunelleschi's dome and the research that is going into making it survive another 500 years at least. It was enlightening to get the technical aspect of building restoration and preservation.
We have a full evening though so I will leave you with the David to tide you all over 'til we get to Venice.David.JPG