Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bedouin Camp

Today was arguably our best day so far. We slept in until 10 am!
Today was arguably our best day so far. We slept in until 10 am! It was pretty glorious. Everyone was able to go do their own thing. Many students went to the mall. Apparently it was just like any mall you would see in the US. Others enjoyed the free Wi-Fi in the lobby. The rest of us lounged around the pool and soaked up the sun. At 2:00 we left the hotel. We stopped for lunch right away and had some falafel. We then drove to a Bedouin camp where we stayed for the night. The highlight of the drive was when we were cut-off in the roundabout by a guy on a Hoverround driving on the street. He must have had places to be.

When we arrived at the camp, we immediately took a camel ride. It's a little like riding a horse but much higher up. It was pretty fun. When we got back to the camp, we learned a little about the Bedouin culture. They live in the desert and move around often. For this reason, they live in tents and non-permanent structures. They live in tribes in order to protect themselves from robbers in the desert. We sampled some of their tee, coffee, and bread and also listened to some of their music. Next we went to get our luggage from the bus and move it into our tent. Our tent was more of a permanent structure than most Bedouins live in. It was actually really cool. There were tapestries hanging all over the walls and ceiling and all over he floor. Couches were made by piling mats on top of each other and mats were set up around the outside for sleeping. A few of us put several mats together to make a larger bed. All the girls and guys stayed in the same tent. After getting settled in, all the guys went on a hike through the desert. Us two girls decided not to ruin their male bonding time and explored the camp a little. When they guys got back, we went to dinner. The food was delicious. Afterwards, we made a fire in the fire pit by our tent and relaxed with some beer. Most of us went to bed fairly early and enjoyed another full night's sleep.