Friday, December 30, 2022

Day 1: Our adventure has begun

A presentation on our water pumps, bartering for handmade goods at the market, and a group dinner at sunset by the Indian Ocean highlight our day in Tanzania.

We started the morning with breakfast and then left for the day in our purple bus.

We had a presentation from Davis & Shirtliff, our distributors for water pumps. We discussed water and energy solutions applicable to our projects in the coming days. 

Then we headed to Sea Cliff for lunch with an Indian ocean view.

After lunch we visited the carver Market where we bartered for handmade goods. We saw people carving these goods. 

Finally, after a brief stop at the mall for a SIM card, we headed to dinner at the water front. We enjoyed ocean sunset views and touched the Indian Ocean. Some of us had gelato and we rode the purple bus back to our hotel for the evening to prepare for our long bus ride tomorrow! 

 - Blog post by Hanna N.