Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Saturday, March 14

Today, I am writing a blog on one of the best beaches in Boca de Toro in Panama, the starfish beach. What an amazing beach it was!

Today, I am writing a blog on one of the best beaches in Boca de Toro in Panama, the starfish beach. What an amazing beach it was! The starfish beach is famous for very clear water where you can observe fish in shallow water. Look at the pictures where small fish gather around. Isn’t this so adorable and just imagine how clear the water is?

As from the name, the beach is famous for starfish!! Starfish could be observed in certain seas where the water must be very clear. Other trip members and I grabbed a kickboard which was connected to a boat and we watched a starfish from a deep sea. Even though the noise was deafening, we watched big starfish under the ocean. This was one of the most memorable experience I had during the trip.

There was also a small starfish found and came all the way to the ground. I gently grabbed it and took the photo. Isn’t this so amazing? I mean, how many people have took a photo with starfish? One of the interesting that I found was there were teeth in starfish and luckily it did not bite my hand.

After we observed starfish, we set down in the beach and lay down on the benches. Some people dropped towels in the sand and took in some sun. Some members played and swam in the sea. When I took the photo of them, I realized that we became so close each other. At first when we met, we were very shy and did not talk to each other. However, during the trip, we worked together, we ate together, and we stayed together. This made us a real team!!

As we were chilling in the ocean, our boat was coming toward us which meant we had to back to our community. We missed our time staying in the beach and we also ate delicious pineapples. In the boat, we talked that we will back to this beach with same members in 10 years later. I am not sure whether this promise can be kept but I could strongly felt in my heart that we became a one team and we would never forget our memory being a best team during the trip. I love these guys!

Si Young P.


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