Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Day 2: Historical Introduction to Italy

The first day in Milan served to give the group a more geographical and historical connection to Leonardo da Vinci and Italy as a whole.

The first day in Milan served to give the group a more geographical and historical connection to Leonardo da Vinci and Italy as a whole. 

This began in Sforza Castle, a medieval fortress where da Vinci spent a portion of his life producing work for the duke of Milan. The influences of Leonardo and his rival Michelangelo on the castle could be seen everywhere we went. 

We then walked to the Duomo where Renaissance artists could again be appreciated through the stone and stained glass pieces located throughout the cathedral.

After a long couple of travel days, the group met again for dinner at Ristorante Casati 19 before getting well needed rest.

Although today had no technical visits, the importance of art and science influencing one another was explored in both Sforza Castle and Duomo.

-Samuel B.


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