Saturday, May 27, 2017

Road Trip Day

Today, we went on a bus trip to see the sights of Denmark, including a shipwreck, windmills, and the harbor town Skagen.
Today we went on a bus trip to see the sights of Denmark. On our way to the most Northern point of Denmark, we stopped at a few places along the way. Our first stop was to see the sand dune of a mass grave site from a shipwreck which took 1,400 lives on Christmas Eve.

Next we stopped to see some 8 MW windmills up close and personal. After learning about the production process of the turbines, it was very cool to see them assembled in working.

We then stopped at the harbor town, Skagen, for some fresh fish lunch and then continued to the very tip of Denmark. We had a beautiful sunny day for a walk along the beach and some time to enjoy the North Sea.

Our final stop was one of the only places along the shores in Denmark where they don't have long sand grasses planted to stop the shifting of sand. Because of this this giant sand dune shifts 5-6 meters a year.

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