Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Norwegian National Day

Today, we took a hike up the mountains for some amazing views. After, we joined in on Norwegian National Day celebrations.
With no plans initially in place this morning, different groups of students set out to hike through the hills for the views. After hiking uphill for awhile, we were able to break through the clouds and get a nice view of the mountain tops.

After proceeding down the mountain, we stopped to look at the various sheep farms, even rescuing a sheep that was trapped in the fence.

Today, May 17, was National Day, which is Norway's equivalent of our Independence Day. Festivities started with a parade, which we joined in on and headed down to the local school for Norwegian treats, such as hot dogs, chocolate cake, and ice cream.

After the parade, we went to a National Day buffet dinner where we were able to sample a variety of classic Norwegian dishes, such as several types of fish, raw and cooked, deer patties, more hot dogs, and a wide variety of amazing deserts.