Monday, May 15, 2017

MSP to Montpellier

After a long flight, we arrived in France and spent the first day exploring Montpellier.
Our trek to France kicked off on Sunday afternoon with an 8 hour flight to Paris, during which each member of our group got in varying amounts of sleep and movie watching. Once we landed in Paris, we had a five hour layover, so many of us got our first taste of France with a coffee, pastry, or sandwich. We were glad that our second flight was a short hour to Montpellier!

Once we arrived at our final destination we checked into our hotel, had a quick program orientation, and then headed out to enjoy a free evening!

While some of the group adventured to the coast to enjoy the beach along the Mediterranean, four of us stayed in Montpellier to find some food and see the sights. The quaint buildings, Arch de triomphe (Paris isn't the the only city to have one!), and breezy laid-back vibe were all highlights of our walk around the city!

With our first day over, a good rest was needed in preparation for a busy day heading into the Pyrenees Mountains to learn about solar energy!


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