Sunday, May 28, 2017

Free Day in Jutland

Today, we had a free day in Jutland with time at the beach, a visit to a bakery, kite flying, and more.
The day started with some beautiful sunshine and people attempted take advantage of the sun while it was shining by walking on the beach or time in the sun.

After the sun disappeared behind the clouds people hit the indoor pool, various souvenir shops, and a delicious local bakery.

After some time was spent enjoying the local shops and pastries, some people headed back down to the beach to fly some kites.

After everyone ate dinner some people got together to eat ice cream and work on a puzzle.


  1. Entry to most museums is free for kids, and you won't have to minimise your time in ... Central Jutland Legoland is the big daddy of Danish theme parks, joined by ... oldest town; finish the day with a walk alongside the town's

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