Thursday, May 25, 2017

Day 2 of SELCO Design

Today was the second day of our SELCO workshop.
Today was the second day of our SELCO workshop. The whole group got together in the morning to have a discussion. We were intrigued by the work we did yesterday and wanted to learn more about what SELCO does. There was a brief presentation explaining why they chose to focus on light and how they implement it into different types communities. The speaker highlighted (no pun intended) that no other issue can be solved if the people can't see.

Once we had a better understanding of the company, we reevaluated the "how might we" statement we came up with yesterday. We came up with top ideas of how this statement could actually be resolved. After some brainstorming, we had a quick meal and headed back out into the field to gather more information. I was in the group that visited the slum. We decided to meet our contact at a park to see what he thought about our ideas for the community. Some of our ideas were things they have also thought about and are trying to do, so it was validating to hear we're on the right track. Even though some of our ideas could work, some just didn't fit the context. It was good to figure this out early on in the design process so we didn't waste time doing something that simply wouldn't work.

After all of our questions were answered we had a few extra minutes to play cricket with some children in the park.

Once we were back at SELCO, we told the rest of group what we learned. From there we adapted our plan to include the feedback we received. It was a long day of work, but will be very rewarding to present all we came up with tomorrow.