Monday, January 2, 2017

The learning begins

The second day in Iringa included surveying lessons and going out into the Ihemi village to view previous projects completed by CSE students.
The second day in Iringa was a learning experience, in a more formal sense than before. We had a gorgeous morning in Iringa with some surveying lessons and a meeting with our friends Hannel and Peter at St. Paul Partners along with some impromptu Swahili lessons.

Following a lecture on sizing pumps and lunch in Iringa our intrepid group loaded onto a bus and headed to Ihemi village to view the work of our forebears in the program. This gave us an idea for the kinds of water systems we may be dealing with as well as how the villages may structure the administration of their hydraulic resources.

Once safely back at the Lutheran Center, the group recouped and wandered over to Iringa's Maasai Alley to haggle or be haggled. We then closed out our second day at our "home base" with a relaxing dinner at Saivilla, part of which was without electricity. The food was just as tasty in the dark.

La la salaama (have a nice sleep).