Monday, January 9, 2017

The Dublin Literary Pub Crawl

We went on a literary pub crawl and learned about Irish literature while tasting traditional "pub grub."
The literary pub crawl was an amazing way to learn about Irish literature while being entertained. The two actors were a riot and kept everyone's attention all night. We went to four pubs in total which included The Duke, O'Neill's, Old Stand, and Davy Byrne's.

Each pub was similar in that it had the traditional Irish "pub grub" and culture, but each one had its own history and character and created a unique environment. I can speak for the group when I say that during this trip we have been astounded by the politeness and kindness of the Irish people. During the pub crawl we had the opportunity to socialize with locals and people visiting from other countries.

On a more academic note, Irish literature has a style very similar to that of American literature that we know and have read in school, but everything is based off of history or current happenings. Something that I found very interesting is that some authors whom we know of and read in the United States, like Jonathon Swift, are Irish authors. Almost everyone in the United States has read or heard of Gulliver's Travels which is written by Swift, a well known Irish author. Overall, the literary pub crawl of Dublin was a perfect introduction to Irish literature and a great way to tour the city a little bit more. I would definitely recommend this to future CSE 1002 groups and anyone else traveling to Ireland!


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