Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Wastewater is wonderful

We went to a water treatment plant in the morning, and examined samples later in the day.
Today, we spend the morning at one of the wastewater treatment plants in Trondheim. We learned about the process of how the wastewater is processed. The solids are filtered out of the water and the water is treated. Then, the water is sent into the Trondheim fjord. The solids that are filtered out are also treated and used as fertilizer in various areas of Trondheim. We took samples of the water to analyze in the lab.

In the afternoon, we spent our time in the lab examining the water samples taken from the treatment plant. We tested the samples to determine the amounts of Total Suspended Solids, Total Suspended Volatile Solids, Total Solids, and Total Volatile Solids in each sample. We also performed tests to determine the Chemical Oxygen Demand of the samples as well. We will be analyzing the data from the lab further on Thursday.