Tuesday, May 24, 2016

University of Sydney

Today we headed to the University of Sydney, walked through the Royal Botanical Garden, and attended a concert.
Today we headed to the University of Sydney, a university with around 60,000 students. Our host, Dr. Chris Lawrance, took us on a tour of the grounds and through the beautiful historic buildings of the university.

We also sat in one a couple of lectures with students of University of Sydney. The first was by professor Alistair McEwan, who spoke to us about the occurrences of bioelectronics in the wild, and how the cell membranes in an organism are held together by electromagnetism. Due to these fundamental interactions, professor McEwan is looking into an imaging technique called Electrical Impedance Tomography, which is a radiation free, low cost, and suitable for children replacement for more classical types of imaging such as X-rays or MRIs.

After a brief lunch, we sat in on a lecture by Dr. Mostafa Rahimi Azghadi, who is creating computer chips that mimic the behavior of neurons. He is researching ways to make these circuits more and more like neurons in their learning ability.

After leaving the university, we went on a walk through the Royal Botanical Garden, where we got to see a beautiful collection of plants never seen in Minnesota.

We were invited by the University the join in a chamber string concert, performed by students, so after dinner near the Opera House, we headed to the Conservatorium of Music for the concert. We were introduced to a few University of Sydney students and were able to mingle with them before the show. The concert was of selections of compositions by Bruckner and Schubert, performed expertly by 15 students—a wonderful experience and a perfect last night in Sydney as tomorrow we head off to Brisbane.


  1. I'm Henry, and I came over here to study pharmacy as my undergraduate at the University of Sydney. After practicing for one year, I'm now doing my Masters of Management at the Sydney University Business School. Yeah, so, this is the quadrangle.I guess that's Sydney Uni's most memorable,I guess, landmark, at the university.This is the original university in Australia, so it's got a really nice kind of mixture of these massive sandstone buildings,as well as really nice, brand new, modern buildings,which actually kind of projects, and also represents, how society is in Australia and how it's always developing and upscaling as well, I guess.So, this is the Abercrombie Business School,and it's a pretty brand new kind of building, built in. It's got heaps of really cool seminar rooms,computer labs, that the whole business faculty get to use.Yeah, it's got basically a lot of innovative kind of structures inside, as well, to have collaboration between the different faculties. And all in all, I just think it's a really, really cool place to come study.I guess growing up in New Zealand, I'm around people who are always like, wanting to go overseas.I saw Sydney, Australia as kind of the next logical choice, in terms of opportunities, the diversity and culture, networks, meeting more people, and just doing a different thing. The two main things that have really helped me fit in to Sydney is firstly, the society that they have with all the different university courses. Back in my undergrad in pharmacy, I actually was lucky enough to be the president of the student society. thanks all ~ Henry from AusCovert Investigations

  2. It's great that you've been to a classical music concert as well. I also love to listen to
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