Sunday, May 29, 2016

New perceptions

The group reflects on the experience thus far.
The past two weeks have been a flurry for all of the senses. The sights, the sounds, the chaos of Bangalore overwhelmed many of us at first. But as we've stayed here, we've come to appreciate the art of the frantic drivers and the orchestra of horns they create. We've come to learn how welcoming and kind the people here are. Most importantly though, we've learned that the journey is more important then the destination, and what a non-transactional society is (thanks Aruna).

We started off as a group of strangers all with the same crazy notion to travel across the world to study sustainability. In the process we've become a tight knit group and I can personally attest that I would call everyone here my friend. The problems that we've seen here have been many and daunting; however, there is a deep sense of pride in the solutions taking place and a hope within the Indian people. The solutions are a bit like the streets within Bangalore. Sometimes there's a pitfall and often you'll have to go up, down, and around the obstacles in your way, but step by step they're making their way to the destination, and all the while inspiring our group along the way.