Friday, January 15, 2016

IBEC, the Science Gallery, and Co. Wicklow and Glendalough

We've been busy learning about the medical devices industry and enjoying Ireland. We visited IBEC (business services), the Science Gallery, and did some sightseeing in Glendalough​ and County Wicklow.

Friday morning we visited IBEC (Irish for Business Services)​ in Dublin​.

Our host, Sinead, discussed the history of the organization and their mission, which is to ensure an Ireland "where everyone has the opportunity to progress and prosper. A country with a world-class education system and infrastructure. A country where work is rewarded, and entrepreneurs and innovation is supported." Sinead specializes in the medical technology sector, and plays a critical role​ ​in assisting indigenous and international med tech organizations in navigating the intricacies of doing business in Ireland​​.

It was a​n​ opportune time to visit IBEC, as they are preparing for some important elections and ​IBEC has been busy developing their vision ​statement ​for the next government. It was ​also ​eye-opening to see that there are many moving parts to the med tech industry ​that go ​beyond ​initial ​research, prototyping, and clinical trials.​ ​

After our visit with IBEC, we headed back to Trinity College to see the the newest exhibition at the Science Gallery. ​​The Science Gallery is a fascinating example how art and science can intersect. Their current exhibition, "Trauma: Built to Break" explores how the brain, body, and spirit process and recover from traumatic events. Various scientists and artists partner together to create pieces, resulting in a very unique experience for visitors to the gallery.

To conclude our day, we piled into a bus and head ​south of Dublin​ to Glendalough​ and County Wicklow​, which is home to an ​early ​medieval monastic settlement. As we ha​d​ seen with many of the other ​historical ​sites we had visited, Ireland's rich history ​really shined through​. We ​were able​ see St. Kevin's Church, the Round Tower, Cathedral, and the Upper Lake. Truly beautiful​!​


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