Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sheep and shorebirds

Today we visited another very small drinking water treatment plant, which is completely operated by one person. We then spent the afternoon on the small island of Tautra nearby, looking at shorebird nests on the beach as well as fascinating rock formations of limestone.
Today we took a bus about 90 minutes from Trondheim to visit a very small drinking water treatment plant. The plant is so compact that it is run completely by one man.

The plant services about 15,000 people and uses a method of membrane filtration to clean the water, something that we did not see in the previous drinking water plant.


In the afternoon, we drove to a small island called Tautra, which is home to both the ruins of an old monastery as well as an incredible shoreline filled with fascinating rock formations.

We saw many formations of limestone on the beach, as well as nests with eggs belonging to some of the local shorebirds. Tautra is actually a local bird sanctuary, and we were privileged enough to gain access to it for the day.

The sky was clear enough that we could see Trondheim across the water!





One small but exciting part of our day was getting to interact with some of the local lambs.

They were very excited for us to pet them and rub their ears through the fence. If you held out your fist, the little males would back up and ram into your hand with their head. So we got to help the little baby sheep practice their head-butting.

So much fun today!