Monday, June 1, 2015

Girl power

TIDE's women self help group taught us many important and meaningful lessons during our question and answer session. What we learned today will be with us for the rest of the trip and will continuously remind us of the empowerment and confidence that happiness and a inspiring job can bring.
After learning abut TIDE and what the organization does, we had the honor to talk with the women's self help group to get a better understanding of who these women are.


Questions and answers were exchanged between the women and our class. Through this, we were able to learn that these women have gained an amazing amount of empowerment while working with TIDE.

We also learned that they have overcome familial resistance and have gained confidence and independence. They expressed their happiness with the continuous opportunity to learn new skills and the ability to provide better futures for their children.


The women also directed questions to us: Who are we and what do we do? Do our parents and families support us and our endeavors?

Of course, we all said they supported us, but with large amounts of nervousness. Being asked questions was a wonderful change of pace from always being the ones asking the questions.


Overall, these women were joyous, and their confidence amazes me. They are a great example for us all to look to during our last week in India and for the rest of our lives.