Thursday, June 4, 2015

From Trondheim to Grimstad

Today was our last day in Trondheim. We spent the morning hiking around in the hills above Trondheim before catching our flight to Kristiansand. We then bussed to Grimstad, where we have rooms at the University of Agder.
Today was our last day in Trondheim. Our flight out of Trondheim left in the middle of the day, so we spent the morning going on a hike in the mountains above the city.

We all took the Trondheim tramway from our hotel to the end of the line at a place called Lian. From there, we started our various hiking adventures.

Some went to walk around a small lake, while others decided to climb upwards to see what was ahead. I opted for the latter.

Lake at Lian, near Trondheim
The small lake at Lian.

Spencer in his natural habitat
Spencer hiking in the woods.

Eric snapping photos
Eric takes a picture of some flora.

Artsy photo of a pine
Eric is not the only one who can take artsy pictures of plants.

After our enjoyable hike through the woods, we all had lunch back in Trondheim before going to the airport to catch our flight to Grimstad.

Flying out of Trondheim
Catching our flight out of Trondheim.

Once in Grimstad, we got settled in our rooms at the University of Agder and finished off the day with some dinner.

Tomorrow we will be taking a bus ride further north to visit a new hydroelectric plant!