Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Stormwater and hydrology fieldwork

We had our first lecture of the course, then a full day of storm water and hydrology fieldwork. After exploring the town a bit more, our group was treated to a beautiful welcome dinner at the fort, joined by our new friends at NTNU.
Today we began a two-day lab that contained three different tests related to storm water. We split into small groups and took turns with each test.

For the Green Roof Lab, we calibrated the pumps for a green roof design, and then did an artificial rain test to see which of the four roof segments had the highest and lowest water retention.




The Rain Garden Lab measured infiltration of water into the soil in a dry rain garden.

The Stormwater Detention Pond Lab took measurements of conductivity, pH, turbidity, and dissolved oxygen concentration for a detention pond system.


Photo Norway.jpg

We ended our evening by being treated to a lovely halibut welcome dinner.