Sunday, May 31, 2015

Rosenborg vs. Tromso

Today some students went to Monk Island, while others explored the city and caught up on sleep. We then went to a soccer match as a group in the evening.
We checked out of the hotel and headed to the hostel today.

Some students went to Monk Island, a tiny piece of land that can be seen from Trondheim. Others explored the city and caught up on sleep.

It's been difficult to remember to go to bed while we have been here. The sun doesn't exactly set, it just becomes dusk for a few hours and then the sun rises again. The light tricks us all into thinking it's about 7 p.m., when it is in fact midnight or later.

Tonight we went to a soccer match at the stadium. The match was between Tromso and Rosenborg, which resulted in a 1-1 tie. A few of us bought Rosenborg gear to represent our temporary home team. Something that is very different at the sports events here is that everybody sings the entire time! There are no chants, only songs that the audience sings as one. It was super exciting, and we happened to be sitting in the rowdy, enthusiastic section of the crowd.




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